With an understanding of the types of goods, machinery, equipment, electronics, industrial goods and personal luggage, we provide customers with packaging and baling services suitable for each type of goods, appropriate for transport by road, sea and air means.

Together with a professional staff team, we use qualified, right standard materials for export goods, ensure safe goods during transportation.

We are ready to pack and bale at the location, the factory designated by customers or pack, bale at our factory according to the nature of the goods and your requirements.

Service includes:

– Packing goods with soft materials (carton, paper, nylon film, sponge foam, air ball …)

– Pressing aluminum foil (pressing silver), vacuum, providing moisture-proof powder

– Fumigation of wood materials, wooden bales in accordance with regulations of importing countries

– Packing by wooden pallets, wooden bale bases, sparse wooden bales, tight wooden bales

– Loading bales, goods into containers, fix goods safely in container

– Packing dangerous goods