Hoang Long LTI’s goal is to become a leading supplier in Logistics services, general agent for airlines, shipping lines, supplying warehouse yard services, inland and international freight forwarding services, delivery of import-export goods. Playing an essential role in the business of customers and providing the best services in the supply chain system, we are constantly working to ensure the quality of service and bring satisfaction to customers.

Hoang Long LTI is committed to providing the best quality of service with transparency and honesty in the areas we perform.

Besides, Hoang Long LTI also operates in real estate, investment, trade in herbal products, agricultural products …. With the motto of always giving customers the best quality products, the most reasonable price and the highest profitability.

With a professional and responsible staff team, constantly striving to find innovative solutions as well as developing new services and products, we are confident to bring customers effective, creative solutions with the most reasonable cost.


Hoang Long LTI was established with the goal of becoming the leading Logistics service chain provider in the country as well as in the region, along with becoming the leading Real Estate and Pharmaceutical distributor in Vietnam.


Providing the best and most professional products, services and solutions.


– Always professional.

– Creative, fast.

– Honest, prestigious, responsible.

– Constantly developing.

– Create prosperity.