A leading Japanese enterprise wants to expand multi-sector investment in Vietnam

General Director of Marubeni Group – Mr. Masumi Kakinori affirmed his desire to continue to invest for a long term in Vietnam in many areas such as import and export, power source development, a series of liquefied gas projects, production – business of domestic water, treatment of wastewater, groundwater,…

Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung had a meeting with Mr. Masumi Kakinori, who had just been appointed as General Director of Marubeni Group. Vietnam is considered an important market of this Group in Asia, focusing on areas such as import and export of goods, energy, food processing, textiles …

Marubeni’s development, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dung, is specific evidence to the Vietnam-Japan friendship and cooperation relationship in a good, substantive and comprehensive phase in all areas with the high political trust.

Japan is the leading important economic, trade and investment partner of Vietnam. The country is also the largest ODA provider (total capital of about 30 billion USD), the second investor (with 4,020 projects, total registered capital of 57 billion USD), the third tourism partner (about 800,000 Japanese tourists and 200,000 Vietnamese tourists), the fourth bilateral trading partner (2018, 38 billion USD).

In the context that Vietnam has signed many free trade agreements (FTA) including Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTTP), Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung wants Marubeni and Japanese businesses to continue to increase investment and cooperation with Vietnamese enterprises, boosting technology transfer. With Marubeni, the Deputy Prime Minister suggested that the group could cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises to produce and distribute Vietnamese products to the Japanese and world markets.

Deputy Prime Minister affirmed that the Government of Vietnam is determined to continue its efforts to strongly implement measures to reduce administrative procedures, improve the investment environment, thereby creating better conditions for foreign investors, including Japanese enterprises which have invested in and successfully operated in Vietnam.

According to Mr. Masumi Kakinori, the group wants to continue to invest for a long term in Vietnam in many areas: Import and export, development of power sources; chain of liquefied gas projects; production – trading domestic water, treatment of wastewater, groundwater…

The Group also hopes to cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises to expand investment in many other areas.

Marubeni is a leading Japanese trading and investment group with an annual global turnover of about 100 billion USD, with offices and branches in 70 countries and territories.

In Vietnam, Marubeni started its business in 1991, focusing on areas such as import and export of goods and infrastructure development. Marubeni is currently the leading exporter of Vietnamese products such as seafood, coffee and also a major distributor of commodities such as cereals, petrochemical products …


According to Young Intellectuals / According to VGP

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